About Tokens

This page is about the tokens which can be sold by the plugin “Token Vendor for WooCommerce”.

The token generated by this plugin is in JWT format, which does nothing but contains some purchased data without personal data in order to validate it.


By this token,

Client: This token which I bought in your shop, is it valid?

WC Site: Yes, Let me see…

This way, you can ask if the token is still valid.


Then, while the token is valid,

WC Site: Yes, it is. The token will be expired at XX.

Shop can respond like this.


Also, if it is invalid,

WC Site: Sorry, it is not valid so we can not serve this token, or it is already expired.

Response can be like this.


What the plugin enables?

Did you ever see the software which has some locked features which can be unlocked by some keys? Or some service requires the validated key or some token?

I think it is so tiring to make the web service to generate tokens or keys for customers from scratch for each products. Isn’t it convenient for developper to concentrate on making if the server can be setup easily? “Token Vendor for WooCommerce” was made for such a lazy purpose to sell, generate and validate tokens with WordPress Plugin “WooCommerce”.


Each token has value for validation.

You can setup the value for each token type product.

For example, Token-A has “tokena”, Token-B has “tokenb”. Then, the shop returns the validation result of Token-A with “tokena” as “Valid” but with “tokenb” judged as “Invalid”.

So you can use it as the condition in the program or classify the user by the token. In order to imagine easily, it’s like asking “Is this token valid as ‘Premium’?” to the shop.

  • Premium Token: Features 100%
  • Normal Token:Features 50%
  • No Tokens:Features 10%

You can even setup the program like this.

You don’t need worry about the validation token value is known from the codes because the client side only send the hashed value of the validation token value.


Preparing also client library “NTVWC Client”

Just include the client library and call a certain method, then you can validate the token easily for WordPress Themes and Plugins.

It is all for free to download it. You can download even in the admin page because the plugin “Token Vendor for WooCommerce” contains also client library.

General libraries for other than WordPress Themes and Plugins are not prepared yet. Maybe in sometime…